1. Ahhhhh i have to go to the counseling centre to figure out what’s up w/ the requirements for my major appearing differently on different documents and then I have to go to class and I’m SO NERVOUS why did summer end so quickly

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  3. this is gonna be a cheesy post but i just wanna say it’s AMAZING how much better i feel being back w/ ian, like i like my family and all (except my mom of course) but there’s just nothing as calming and wonderful as being around this exceptional boy and getting to hug him whenever i want and be supported and loved on ahhhhhh it’s just. the Best

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    "Pudding" is a resident Fox at the National Fox Welfare Society, as he’s too friendly to be released back to the wild

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  5. I’m on a PLANE

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    Hi jami I like you bye

    i like you too!!!!!!!!

  7. egottgott:

    How do I put into words the joy I feel over Rock Lee as a clementine… There are no words.

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  8. for many, many years i thought tilda swinton’s name was tilda swanson and i have no idea why

  9. i thought i would feel bad & nervous having my parents home but i actually feel a lot better. it’s like a lot of pressure has been taken off & i can kind of just relax now

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