1. i just got soooo sucked into those weird shoplifting blogs and omg i cannot believe

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  2. i want to become a better artist but everything is so intimidating

    what do i do first?? just draw a whole bunch?? study anatomy?? study perspective?? light?? colour theory?? character design?? composition?? where do i even begin, this is so complicated

  3. adverber:



    fuck regular q-tips i need some masculinity-tips 

    what… do you build.. with a qtip…

    an empire

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  4. i dont feel v. good and idk if it’s just anxiety or if i’m ill

  5. crystalfemmes:

    this is the best selfie of 2015

  6. ian: *points to a picture of rei ryuugazaki* “it’s your boyfriend”

    ian: “I’M your boyfriend”


    Fox named “Весна” - Spring in Russian ;-)

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  7. im so bored of the internet, give me something to do

  8. one of my biggest regrets was that when i was young i let myself compare myself to other artists too much and took it to heart when my mom said that being a comic book artist would be “a waste of talent” so i just flat-out didn’t draw for a couple of years

    actual YEARS went by during which i could have been improving but instead i stayed stagnant, and that’s why i haven’t improved as much as most people do in the same amount of time

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